Tech Lab

TECH LAB is a space for experiencing the cutting edge of digital
environments and applications in new and exciting ways.


We’ve teamed up with Carnegie-Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center to offer activities that combine art and technology to explore storytelling, innovation, entertainment and learning. You can see live demos of completed ETC student projects and be both test audience and collaborators on new projects with technologies such as Google's TiltBrush and Blocks VR programs, or ETC’s SuperHyperCube. What’s normally invisible - from how a computer tracks a human face or gesture, to how sound is visualized - will be visible. And the messy creative process, failures and all, is part of the experience.

You can also create an audio recording, learn about audio editing or take part in
a live radio show in a satellite radio studio from our longtime partners SLB
Radio Productions

Check out Tough Artist Neil Mendoza’s Mechanical Masterpieces for a funny, digital perspective on classic artworks. Neil was one of four artists in the 2018 Tough Art artist residency hosted by the Children’s Museum. Tough Art seeds the creation of interactive, robust, experiences found throughout the Museum.