Make Lab

Since we created the Children’s Museum’s MAKESHOP exhibit in 2012, we’ve learned a lot about making experiences and how kids learn from them.


To create MAKE LAB for kids ages 10 and older, we scaled up the experience, adding larger tools and equipment to help you make “stuff”, both digitally and physically. Whether it’s furniture building, game design, making musical instruments, designing your own clothes or changing the world, we have the tools and materials, and a team of skilled makers and artists, who can help realize your project.

“One of the greatest tools for learning and growing is doing more.”

— Washington Irving



MAKE LAB tools include

  • 3D printer

  • Laser cutter

  • Computer and game design systems such as Hummingbird,
    Makey Makey, Arduinos and Raspberry Pi

  • Woodworking tools including scroll saw, table saw, lathe and computer-controlled routers

  • Fiber arts tools including sewing machines, an embroidery
    machine, serger and dress forms

  • Greenscreen studio

  • Soldering irons

This is not your parents’ workshop, this is MAKE LAB.