We are looking for professional, positive and team-oriented individuals to join the Children’s Museum team. Help enrich the lives of youth and families throughout the Pittsburgh region by joining the staff today. Students and retirees welcome.

Our employees are at the heart of the experience, whether you work directly with visitors to our campus or in the many capacities that support visitors' experiences. We are committed to the fair treatment of our valued employees and volunteers and are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants apply here.

Current positions at Museum Lab:

Partnership Coordinator

The Partnership Coordinator acts as an “air traffic controller” for Museum Lab and is the liaison between the Children’s Museum’s interests and the partner organizations of Museum Lab. This position actively coordinates projects, programs and events by communicating organizational schedules and calendars, and successfully negotiating potentially competing needs across Museum Lab resources. Must have a keen understanding of program requirements to smoothly and efficiently provide space and time for each. Learn more here.

Youth Teaching Artist

The Youth Teaching Artist creates and integrates experiences in Museum Lab to provide innovative museum experiences that foster joy, creativity and curiosity among visitors and teen participants. This position develops and facilitates creative, authentic, and project-based experiences with teens, families and groups using “real stuff” (tools, processes and materials) across Museum Lab. These youth-oriented, culturally-relevant projects associated with different physical and digital disciplines of creation, design, art and craftwork will respond to the community’s needs and interests. Learn more here.


We work with artists in many capacities in both Museum Lab and the Children’s Museum, from residencies to public programs and special events. Learn more here.


The Children’s Museum provides a variety of unpaid internships throughout the year for academic credit and practical experience for students in the fields of education, museum experiences, marketing, development and new media.  Learn more here.


We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups who enjoy helping youth and families have fun while learning, or assisting on creative projects. Learn more here.